/> Torger Nærland's Portofolio

Hi my name is Torger Nærland and I'm currently attending my third year of Video Games Design at Teeside University Middlesbrough.

Before this I did three years of secondary school at an art course, and it was during my final year I figured out that I would try to make a living out of my longtime hobby.

My chief passion is doing level art in all its forms, everything from drawing environment concepts to creating 3D assets or building visually interesting worlds inside an editor

I'm a fairly competent draftsman and level designer so my primary area of work this year has been honing my skills at creating various 3D assets for games.

When I'm not doing University work or other game realted activities I quite enjoy drawing comics or writing short stories of various kinds.

If there is anything else you are wondering about feel free to contact me via my contact form or via Facebook or send me a mail to torger@torgern.com.